Saturday, September 18, 2010

Words Left Unsaid Can Never Be Heard

Funny how words stay in your mind.  Like the first time you hear:

You are so special.
You are beautiful.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
You are pregnant.
You have cancer.
You need surgery immediately.
I'm sorry there was nothing we could do and he/she is dead.
I want a divorce.
I don't love you anymore.
You are dead to me.
God loves you.
You are going to be a Grandparent.

Words are powerful.  Words can hurt, lift you up, bring  you down, make you think, change you mind, cry, laugh and fall in love.  Words can also however, make you fall out of love, make you more afraid, unable to trust and be all around confusing. Also interesting is that 80 percent of communication is done without words and through our body language.

Why then do we need to hear we are loved, appreciated, respected, funny, attractive, brilliant?  In a hug alone their are thousands of unsaid words that your soul feels.  In a kiss you can feel the love, closeness or the separation and indifference. You can feel.... sense if either comes from the heart or is it expected and routine and not a true show of one's affection or intention.  A touch of one's hand can either comfort or offend. Why would we want to take the risk of hearing words that were maybe chosen hastily, without careful thought or of a pure heart?  Words merely spoken out of obligation, hatred, jealousy, conviction imposed by others or to better a situation for selfish reasons are better left unsaid.

Sometimes we as humans need to hear words.  Words unsaid that we so long to hear or read ......can erode into a river of loss in your brain.  Why then are the words so hard to say give, to someone who for whatever reason longs to hear them?  Words are free.  They cost you nothing or they could cost you everything.  It probably only takes a few minutes of your time.  If you are unable to speak them ...why wouldn't you simply write them down as a testament to the feeling you are unable to convey?  Can another person really know what is in your heart or on your mind?  When will it be your last chance for the words to be heard, accepted and the received the way you intended them?

Unspoken words can be heavy over time.  Heard again and again in your mind driving you mad, but too late to say.  Have you questioning if  maybe they could have made a difference in a life, in a situation, in a decision.  Love you wish you had proclaimed.  Apologies you wish you had given or received.  Guidance you could have provided and might have been life altering. Respect and admiration you could have shared, but you kept selfishly for your own awareness.  Compliments you kept inside, embarrassed to speak, or ones you hadn't courage to accept.  Compassion for another soul hurting that could have brought comfort to them when they desperately needed to hear them. 

Words left unsaid can never be heard.

Talk to those you love!


  1. Great post, Carol! I understand the meaning of words in all of their aspects..

  2. Sure, unspoken words can never be heard but the feelings that one gives off sometimes replaces the unspoken...

  3. You are so right, but some people have a hard time communicating. They just do. They aren't able to convey their feelings and that is so sad. Other people overuse words like love so much that it loses its power. Or they are all talk, but their actions don't back up what they are saying. Human beings are complicated. However, you are right. If something is stuck in your throat, just push it out, because it is something that you need to say.

  4. Carol, this is one of the most beautiful posts and thoughts that i have ever read on the web. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to print it and pin it up on my bulletin board for inspiration! I have heard many of those words that you listed and some of them brought and still bring joy to my heart, whereas others are still painful to remember. How very powerful that words are! I also want to say thank you for posting on Fresh Friday; your change of seasonal decor is PERFECT and yes, there are others, such as myself, that do this too. In fact, you've just reminded me that it is time to begin doing that this weekend! Bye for this week! Roz

  5. Bella...Thank you for the compliment. Probably the nicest compliment I've ever been given. It came straight from my heart and I am so happy that it touched you. I would be honored for you to post it. Very honored.

    thank you ..all of you.

  6. You have also touched my heart with your words. You have written the most inspiring post I have ever read. I also hope you do not mind if I hang this post over my see I have been fighting a shadow army in my head for a very long time and have just recently found the words to battle them one by one...

  7. And P.S. please stop by and see what I found in my garden yesterday!

  8. Well said Carol !

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes your answer is correct, it is passion fruit. The other one is kiwi :)

  9. What a beautiful post and a beautiful page.

    I came here from Marie's page - hope you don't mind.

  10. No, I don't mind at all. Thank you so much for stopping in and the kind compliment. This is by far one of my favorite post because it seems so many people that read it really got something out of it and have wanted to pass it on, or print it or share it in some way. I am so honored.