Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby Revives! Mom's ( Mum's ) Touch Brings Premature Baby Jamie, Pronoun...

Did any of you see this?  This is just amazing to me.  I wonder how many mothers have been told no ...they can't hold their infants, or how many mothers might have not had the strength to hold their son or daughters?  Miracles still exist!  They STILL happen...all you gotta do is.....You gotta BELIEVE!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Carol-the gardener


  1. UNBELIEVABLE...A sheer miracle and determination..I just feel bad his sister didn't make it...

  2. No, no they both made it. She was fine from the beginning. They are both healthy and happy!

  3. I think that the medical community is aware of skin to skin to contact but doesn't give it the proper amount of credence that it should. They are so focused on the medicine, that they don't consider that health is body, mind, and soul. I remember an episode of Grey's Anatomy (yes, it is fiction) where a woman had sextuplets and they all had complications. One of the doctors had this idea to put one of the infants who wasn't doing well in the same incubator with one was doing better. Amazingly enough, they both showed marked signs of improvement after just one night spent in the same incubator. Whatever she did had a name, so it wasn't unheard of in the medical community. In other words, it isn't like doctors don't know these things, it is just that they are so focused on the medicine or the SCIENCE that they forget the human factor. They forget that something as simple as human contact can be the deciding factor in whether someone lives or dies.

    Amazing video. Thanks for sharing. And not to slight your "miracle," but I don't think it was a miracle. I think it could be something that happened a lot more often if doctors were more human and less science. *That isn't to say that science doesn't have a place because it does. It just isn't the be-all, end-all.*

  4. I hadn't seen this, thank you for sharing!! One day the medical community is going to have to acknowledge (as some already do) that they are not the deciding factor on who lives and who does not!!

  5. I saw this on TV Friday morning... what an AMAZING story!!

    Maybe some won't be so anxious to poo-poo the idea of a baby and parents bonding at birth...

    and yes, they BOTH survived!