Monday, June 20, 2011

It's my Party and I'll have fun if I want to!!

My sister, Pat helped for sure.  She drove from Georgia to be here with me.

My sweet Hubz planned this surprise for me! 
The Birthday Girl

My Mom with Me

My very own Princess card!

Party was held at Hemingways on Pensacola Beach, Florida

I had the most wonderful surprise party.  Friends from the past, friends from now, family and friends that are family.  Just the most wonderful feeling in the world.  I am a very happy 50 year old woman.  If this is fifty...shoot....this ain't gonna be nuthin honey!

Have a great week ....Thanks for the birthday greetings

Remember to be kind to one another it is free and so important.

Carol-the gardener

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm going over the hill soon!

I have one day left to be forty something.  Then, on Friday I will go over the hill and welcome being 50 years old.  Doesn't seem right.  I don't feel fifty but on the same hand I feel much more in line with who I really am.  I am happy, satisfied with the person I am, content with life.  That is enough for me.

I've been missing blogging it just seems it has been non stop all summer and spring.  The weather here in Florida is beautiful.  It has been really dry but, we have been blessed with a few rainy days recently.  Of course we have been enjoying the beach and all she offers.  We've been picking blueberries and eating them everyday.   Dinner usually comes off the grill and the watermelon is sweet and peaches South!

I think I'll choose to accept turning 50 with open arms..I might as well right?  It's gonna be great!  Fifty is just a number...I keep my heart and mind open.  I look for... what I hope to find, and hope you do too!  Life is so much better that way.

Moon rising over the Gulf of Mexico

Me enjoying the day

Enough said

beautiful flowers over a white picket fence

I still feel small when I stand beside the ocean.

I hope you are all well.  Enjoy your summer, and remember to be kind to one another.   Hug someone just because you can. 

It's free.
Carol-the gardener