Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Here are some pictures of our favorite places.  All these places are within 30 minutes of our home.  Welcome to Florida the Sunshine State.  Enjoy!

Pensacola Bay Bridge

Mantarays in the water's edge

Beautiful Opal Beach

Golden Skies

The Dunes


Sea Oats in the breeze

Beautiful Morning...can you see the pelicans?


  1. I am jealous.... those mantarays look look like giant leaves floating.... however do u handle the humidity? my friend in Stuart hates it.

  2. How lovely. I miss living close to the ocean.

  3. Beautiful!! I LOVE the Florida Gulf Coast... I felt special a few years ago to see a single manta ray... that photo of all of those is unreal!!!

    It doesn't seem that the oil spill was as bad for the Gulf Coast as it could have been... is my perception right??


  4. The Mantarays were awesome. It must have been pods/groups of 50 or more swimming every morning at the water's edge. Photo taken in May. wasn't as bad as it could have been. they are still cleaning up. It looks better than it actually is, test have shown the oil is deep, but could have been much worse here. Louisiana got the brunt i feel.

  5. Hi Carol, I love all of the beach pictures! Now I completely want to vacation there next time we do something. Thanks for visiting my blog and finding it thru Never Growing Old, I'm following you, too.