Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out with White.(shells)..In with COLOR(cat tails and lotus pods)

I have a very large collection of Sea Shells. I mean I live in Florida. I go to the Beach as much as I possibly can. So how could I not have this mass collection?  I sorted them out by size, shape and color and decided to decorate my home in the Spring with these amazing finds.

I'm not sure if you can see but there is a net draped off center under the shells.  I have several pieces of Coral that I put on the mantel first.  Then I start layering.  I have sea biscuits, all kinds of whelk shells, urchins, starfish...etc. etc..When is enough enough?  I think that depends on the person, I'm a painter so I tend to see the scape as a painting.  I like combining the textures, colors etc..

On each end there are two large clear Hurricane vases with local white sand in the bottom and I drop a few really pretty shells down at the feet of the branches.  I use to put white candles in there and it is pretty, but I thought it needed more height due to the ceiling height.

Then I just put some here and there around our home.  There are three in modern glass shapes in front of the kitchen sink.  They do have small white candles in them and are surrounded by small shells.

some on the entry table in foyer
 and a few in the guest bath

I did do one painting this summer...oil on canvas...subject matter.........Shells of course!  I wanted to share with you all what it is I do, when I'm able. 

What do you think?

So it is time to take all of these pretties down and pack them up along with the blue and brown and seafoam green accessories and pull in the warm tones of Autumn.  Reds, Golds, Okre, cat tails and branches.  I better get busy I pack these shells away like they are babies.  When I get the fall thing done I'll post more pictures for you.  I have to start a wreath much to do little time....

Thank you for all the encouraging comments you all have left on my blog.  I appreciate them and you.

Carol-the gardener


  1. I am sooo jealous!... The shells on the beaches of Calif. are hard to find,, I've been lucky to find tumbled rocks up at Refugio... guess the Pacific is just too rough

  2. You have found some lovely shells. And your painting is splendid. I really like it.