Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bad Moon a Risin

On Friday night the moon was lovely.  A friends was over and she took this photo and you know me...the ole brain started to work and yep ... instant tunes.  Now this has been stuck in my head all day.  Ugh!

Happy Sunday!

Carol-the gardener


  1. The moon has been incrediable this week.

  2. I lurrve CCR!!

    That's a great photo :-)


  3. Great song. I have always liked it. I was watching the video and noticing how happy they all looked. The drummer was singing along just about every time they picked him up on camera. I know it was the 70s and maybe they were all on "happy pills" ~ I don't know. But, they were loving the music. That was awesome. It is nice to see people playing the music and just digging it.

  4. The moon HAS been incredible this week... a Full Moon on the first day of Fall... how cool is THAT?!?!

    Creedence Clearwater.. My favorite group of the moment... hahahahaha... John Fogerty... an unbelievable song writer and performer...

    He is still going hard at it today... still has that passion for performing and singing...

    I'm gonna have to post my favorite John Fogerty song...


  5. Its amazing that I can see the same moon here in PA that you can see there in FL....its magical!!

  6. weird you would say that I used to call my little grandson in Germany (when he was living there) and say see the moon? I do too! See, we arent' that far apart, my Hubz taught me that when we were dating.