Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Flies when you are a MeMe

I used to hate when adults around me would say, "Time sure does fly!"  How could that be?  Time took forever for Saturday cartoons to come around once a week....or so I thought.

My little grandson, Mr. Pistol Britches started Kindergarten today. The one thing is really looking forward to is...riding the school bus.  Let's all see how long this will last. He is the most intelligent 5 year old child I have ever been around.  (Prejudice much?  MeMe talking here!)  He really needs to skip it and go straight to 1st grade.  He can read, now be it, things he is interested in like ...toy boxes, some of his favorite books, the Direct TV guide, any menu within a 100 mile radius...but the kid reads anyway.  I doubt many children in his class can read.  He wants to go just to ride the bus and play on the playground, make some friends, and find out what music class is like.

I wonder if the teacher has any idea of what she is getting exactly.  One can only wonder why I have named him Mr. Pistol Britches.  Those of you from the South will no doubt understand.  He loves to tell jokes, scare me, and be in the middle of any one's business.  Makes him all the more interesting to be around...there is never a dull moment.

Here he(Mr. Pistol Britches) is digging his own pool to have feet away from the Gulf of Mexico. 

I was answering Java's questions this morning on the Meet me on Mondays, (thank you Java)when the first question made me think of the day I was told he was coming into our lives.  My daughter and son in law bought a dozen doughnuts and brought them by to us.  Written inside the box top was the news of Mr. PB arrival.  Oh my!  Was I thrilled  or what?  I insisted on moving immediately to be closer to her ...after all I was 30 minutes away...cruel right?  Well, we did and now we are maybe 5 minutes apart.

That little boy has brought so much joy to my life.  He keeps his own pile of toys here at our home and knows when anything is moved.  He has his own shelf in the pantry with all his "Snacky Poos".  He is so affectionate too.  He will say," Meemze come over here and let's just love for a while."  Sometimes he will ask, "hey what do you want to talk about?"  I have lots to talk about is his reply.   So, we ask and answer questions until he is happy.  Sometimes it takes quite a while.  He thinks about so many things and ideas.  But eventually he gets the answers that satisfy him and then he announces he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. 

 I wonder what my life would be/would have been without him?  Don't get me wrong...I love being a Mom, but this Meme stuff is fantastic!  It is like being a Mom on vacation, you know?  He is a force.  I miss him if I don't see or talk to him every few days I can be OK with a week, but really don't like to wait a week.  Seems as if everyone is encouraging him to do big boy things, act like a big boy.  Not me.  It's OK with me for him to stay little for a while.  Fine by me.

Life the way MeMe sees it:

No laundry that has to be done today...not 10 loads anyway.  No dinner that has to be cooked, we can color or swim instead.  We can eat cereal!  No meetings or practices to run around too, we can plant a garden together.  No shopping that important...we can read a book instead.  I get to take all the time I wish I had with my children..but life moved so fast then.  There was always so much to be done, and such little time.  Some one was always, ALWAYS, hungry.  Something always needed cleaning and so on.  Truth is... I was in a hurry.  I thought I had time...I should have taken the time.  Their is a difference.

Now I realize nothing is more precious to me as my family.  They are the reason I am.  I had a cross stitch in my babies nursery that read:

I wish I could have read between the lines.  Mothers lives are just too busy.  You turn around and it's over.  Your babies have babies of their own.

OK, so time does fly...he is off to school and he will be on a schedule now for the next 18 plus years.  He will have homework, and baseball and eventually girls.  Maybe my Son and his wife will have another soon...but in the meantime I guess I need to volunteer to be a Teacher's helper. Moms just think about it..slow down when you can, enjoy your children while they are young.  Afterall they are getting  older with each passing minute.

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