Thursday, August 26, 2010

James Taylor is Stuck in my head!

OK, as I have mentioned before...I love music. If it's true you can do in heaven, what you could not do on earth...I hope it's true...I want to sing.

Sometimes, more often than not, music gets stuck in my head. Tunes and lyrics just pop up and the next thing you know I sing them for days. Music is therapy for me. It can change my attitude, it can take me back to wonderful memories or put my body in motion to dance. Pretty cool just the click of the trusty ipod and you are another place, another time.

Lately this one song has been stuck in my head. Stuck for days! I love all James Taylor and loved the music he and Carly made together. You just can't think of him and not think of Carole King. Beautiful music, beautiful words. Maybe you've heard it.

Sometimes when I'm really exhausted, or feeling low...I ask the Hubz just to talk to me. He could read the phone book and that would be OK. I love to just listen to his voice. He has the power to go where no one else can find me and to silently remind me of the happiness and good times that we know. Gotta just love the lyrics.  Yesterday, I was telling my niece this song was just stuck in my head.  Next thing you know we are singing together.  Good times.

Anyway enjoy and let me know....what changes your outlook on life? What are you listening to?
 Remember to turn off the playlist below.


  1. This song has been on my mind, too. I have been thinking that I need to add it to my music player! I love it so much. It is one of my absolute favorites!!!! So glad that you enjoyed HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. It kinda takes a while for me to get the feel of the new blogs, but I will dedicate something to you soon!

  2. Just found you from over 40. Michale Buble on your playlist is always a fave of mine to change my mood. Josh Groban too. But if I need a pick-me-up, I Like to Move It Move It gets us all a-dancin!
    Don't be a stranger. Come on over and visit!

  3. Hi. I am a new blogger and am following you via Follow Friday, 40 and Over. I hope you will follow me back. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Have a nice Friday.