Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sticks and Stones will break your Bones ..but Words Hurt

OK, no news flash here, I'm new to the Blogging World. From what I've experienced so far, it is really a nice hobby to have. I understand it this way...Blogger A might choose to write about what a terrible couple of days she has had and how this makes her feel. She will let us see into her life, feel her emotions. If you have experienced something like this before you may feel a certain connection with blogger A and choose to follow her and follow up with a kind comment to let her know you are on her side. Now, if you really don't relate...for whatever reason just move on...there are plenty of blogs out there to choose from find the one that suits you and you feel a sisterhood with. No one is hurt. It's like walking past a guy at a dance and dancing with another partner, no need to feel hurt. But again, no words spoken.

I have been visiting many different sites since joining the Southern Mommas..reading over what many have to say...some make me laugh out loud because i know that only a true Southern Gal would every speak that, write that let alone understand it. Some blogger are sharing recipes, some share style or make up tips. Some love to talk about their new babies they are so proud of. Some are planning weddings. Even a few talk about meaningful stuff like marriage or the struggle after losing someone close to you.

I stop in and read a few lines. Daddy always said I was a good judge of character. And right away I know if this blog relationship would work. If the person has given me a good feeling I sign up to be a follower..or to follow their blog. If I read something that for any reason don't like the way it sounds or "oh gosh could I be a true supporter of this blog?" if that question enters my mind I pass and come back another time to see if maybe it was a bad day and if things are better and I like what I see and read..if I get a feeling of honesty's all good.

Most of these blogs I am now following are just really nice people saying, Hey computer bloggers..this is what's going on today in my world..if you would like to stop and read and if you choose to join, great! If not, keep on cruising. You will find someone out there who feels like you about things. They aren't trying to sell you anything,charge you a sign up fee, or even asking for your negative comments.

But after reading a few comments left on different blogs I am now following. I'm confused..upset really. It appears their is something I just don't get. Why on God's Green earth,would SOMEONE write the blogger a mean or mean spirited comment?

This is not middle school where if you write something I can write something on that note saying bad things about you until it is found by the teacher and read to all our horror...aloud. There it is it is out in the open now. And you feel embarased; you can't stand it and want out of the class, because someone was a bully.

I mean imagine..someone...woke up got a cup of coffee opened up there laptop and typed what they wanted to share with the world today mabye lovely pictures, or make up tips. All the bloggers I've come into contac twith have been most gracious, returning the favor via sweet comments or letting me know they are now too following me as an act of kindness.

So who are these big bad blue meanies that sit at their lap top, with a cup of coffee, trying to find something to pick apart and then come back with a nasty, unflattering comment? Mean comments to this person who has simply told us a story that could have been prceious memories of her/his Grandfather, could be new pictures of the great little gift God has given them, could be a burned 47 year old divorce mom who is trying to see if there is life indeed at the end of the tunnel. That's just something I don't think I want to understand... mean, rude, no taste, people!

Bloggers aren't here to have their English judged..hey I'm not a writer, never hope to be a writer. They are just expressing themselves. Some are more like storytellers, some are teachers, some are witty and make you see things differently. Maybe even a laugh. It is America and we are all free to express ourselves how we see fit. But do we have to hurt others to do it? Why can't you just keep looking for a blog where everyone criticizes spelling or composure whatever you love to criticize and join it. Maybe that would make you think you could be happy. Start a critical blog where everyone can criticize each there is an idea!

I think this Blog land is cool, for the parts i've joined so far. All my followers encourage me to keep writing. I just wanted to do this so if anything happend to me my kids could read these blogs..because the words are from my heart..I think about them..I make sure they are real and I would be proud for them to be read whenever.

Can the big blue blog meanies say the same? Would your children or grandchildren be proud to read how you crushed someone's ideas, put a damper on their story, just because you could. Maybe you've been succesfull enough to make some quit. Who knows?

My parents raised me with different strokes for different folks. I paint and while some of my paintings are pretty nice, some take a special kind of owner, if you don't like one of my paintings keep looking you will find your group.

As my Momma used to say,"If you can't say sumthin nice, just don't say it at all." She aslo used to say, "for every person willing to tear you down there are twice that many ready willing and able to lift you up." I think that goes for writing comments too. If you are hired by a publishing compnay, that is entirely different. Let's just all be kind to each other and have fun. Can't we all get along? Or blog on different parts of the blog world?


  1. Thankfully I have not been hit by the meannies out there. But I totally understand how you feel when you notice a mean comment on someone's entry.
    Have a great day!

  2. Hello. Nice to meet you! I found you from Java's site. Blogging is an interesting business isn't it? I find it worthwhile.


  3. I see that my friend Purple Cow beat me here! I did get your comment. I confess that I have been all over your blog and cannot find the blog you referenced. I think it must be me. I am migraining (this is nothing new) and it doesn't make me particularly adept at navigation. However, I do agree with everything you said on this blog! I also find it interesting that people in the south pull over for funeral processions on the road. Do they do that in FL? I live in GA. They do that here. They don't do that in the north. At first it threw me. Then, I realized how respectful it was. Of course, if I was running late for something it was... well, still respectful but it made me antsy. Ah... the problems of the people who don't budget their time well! Anyway, I hope that your husband is better. Yes, I really was all over your blog!!!!

  4. WOW!!! I totally agree with you ~ but then my mother said the same thing ~ if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. I've been lucky that no one out there has wasted time in finding the errors in my posts ~ 'cause it would be a huge time investment for them to be sure. But like you said ~ there are a billion blogs out there, if you don't like what you see ~ then move on. I, on the other hand, chose to see the good and understand that more than likely, anything misspelled or grammatically incorrect was because they were in a hurry or their fingernails have gotten so long that they can't type clearly. They know how to spell or how to enunciate just as well as I do!!! Hopefully the blue meanies you ran across were just having a bad day and felt awful just as soon as they hit submit ~ I'll assume the best for them at least until they hit me and then I'll hunt them down and leave a nanny nanny boo boo comment on them :-D