Wednesday, August 11, 2010

through words

I met you through words. Words written by pressing computer keys. Words thought through in our minds. Words rehearsed before they were spoken.

I got to know you through songs. Songs you chose then posted becuase they meant so much to you. Songs I loved too. We shared the love of the ocean. We were sad and concerned together over the oil that spilled over our shores.

I lost you through words. Words written by Trish pressing the computer keys. So sad never to have seen your picture or heard your voice.

I was happy that I did know you but for a short while if only through words and song and love of the ocean. I'll miss your words and your songs. I hope I always remember how you can change by knowing someone if only for a short while.

Rest in peace Lisa. I hope your garden blooms constantly in heaven, and the turtles and dolphins swim for you to enjoy.



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  2. This is beautiful. I'm here because I also knew and loved the Bumpkin through words. Every word she typed brought her beautiful energy out of the screen.
    Thank you for this post.

  3. thanks for you kind words Robyn. We will all miss her and her wonderful spirit.

  4. Carol, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and lovely words, I am just overwhelmed to have met a new friend that appreciated our dear Lisa as much as you did. I know you are the most amazing wife, mother ane MeMe ever and am grateful to have met you through our sweetheart. Please promise you'll keep in touch...Lots of love and thanks to you xoxo Hugs forever, Trishy

  5. What a wonderful post Carol ~ Lisa would have loved it.

  6. Carol,
    I know that Lisa would love this. Her friends that she made through her blog meant the world to her. She talked about yall constantly. Thank you for the lovely tribute.
    Heather (Lisa's neice)