Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let Me Clarify Something.

Yesterday.... I posted some answers to 8 deep questions sent to me by my friend Robin.  After reading the comments I feel convicted to clarify something....

When I began blogging a few months ago...I had no idea if I would like it, how difficult it would be or if any one other than my children would ever read what I wrote.  Now, think I could have done something differently.  I see so many clever blog names.  Is it really all in the name?

In retrospect maybe I didn't choose the best title for my blog. I do love to garden, that much is true.  I am defintley a nurturer.  I think I am the gardener in many ways.  I love to see things grow, change, mature.  Sometimes it is plants and I have shared some stories here about my love for gardening and how it is woven through my history, my family and memories.  Sometimes, it is children that you are like a gardener, cultivating love and understanding.  Sometimes it is relationships.  You have to constantly tend to your relationships in order for them to grow.

I do see, however, how my blog name could confuse people.  I'm new so I'm not sure if I can change it or if I should change it.  Do you think I should?  I don't want to sound like I am misrepresenting myself.  On the other hand after reading some other blog names....geeze!  Not naming any names ...I'm just sayin.

It is so hot here in Florida I will admit my gardening is being in done indoors under the AC lately.  It will be getting cooler soon...I hope and pray....and I'll return to the garden. I plan to offer some tips and things I've learned and even some recipes.  I grow herbs and they offer so much exciting flavor!  Sorry, I get off track easily.

So many times when I'm out in the garden doing "my thing" I find myself humming an old hymn I heard my Memommie (Grandmother) sing so many times growing up.  It pretty much sums up how I feel in the garden. 

I come to the garden alone

While the dew is still on the roses

And the voice I hear falling on my ear

The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,

And He tells me I am His own;

And the joy we share as we tarry there,

None other has ever known.

He speaks, and the sound of His voice,

Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,

And the melody that He gave to me

Within my heart is ringing.

I’d stay in the garden with Him

Though the night around me be falling,

But He bids me go; through the voice of woe

His voice to me is calling.

And the joy we share as we tarry there....none other has ever known.


  1. Please turn off the player at the bottom, sorry for the inconvience.

  2. Love your garden blog...Looks great to me! Glad you found me. Love that song, come to the Garden Alone

  3. If your blog name makes you happy, don't change it!!! That hymn is one of my favorites! Have a great Sunday!

  4. I've known other bloggers who have changed their names. I say do what makes you happy. Since your blog is relatively new, now is probably the time to do it if you want to.

    Your blog address could stay the same regardless so your readers/followers would still be able to find you.

    Here's how - just go to your setting page. Change the name to your new blog name and then make sure to click "save settings" at the bottom. Voila!


  5. Thank you for the how to Kat. I'm still thinking it over. You are a most gracious friend.

  6. I went to your blog (from all the other blogs at meet me on Monday) because of the name. I love to garden too and it's too hot lately to garden. I can't dig the holes on my own so does that make me a non-gardener? nope. Sharing your recipes and stuff is great. I'm going to try out your fries.

    Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World