Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Push Yourself

Sometimes you just have to push yourself.

Smile until you feel happy.

Make the best of a terrible situation.

Laugh until something is funny again.

Lay down and get still until you fall asleep.

Go out and kiss many frogs until you find the true Prince or Princess.

Eat until something tastes good again.

Sometimes you must push yourself.

I wanted to share this picture with all of you.  My Hubz does this every year for children ...carve pumpkins that will somehow be special to them.  This year Mr. Pistol Britches was Buzz Lightyear...to infinity and beyond.  One of the many reasons I love him.

Hug someone too tight today!

Carol-the gardener


  1. Incredible pumpkin carving; well done I say!

  2. Wow. Your husband is wicked talented at pumpkin carving. I liked the sentiments above the picture, too. Sometimes you do just have to keep on keeping on until the good stuff starts finding you again. You can't just let the blackness envelop you. It's good that you know that. You will be okay. I know that about you. What is that saying about a woman being like a teabag? You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water. Now, that is the truth!

  3. I love the 'up-beatness' of this post, Carol!!!

    Those Jack~0~Lanterns ROCK!!!

    My buddy, Robert, used to carve those kinds of jack~0~lanterns for us here at work... we missed them this year...

    I trust all is continuing well for you...