Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet me on Monday


1. Do you eat Sushi?

2. What kind of bath soap do you use?

3. How often do you talk to your Mom?

4. What TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?

5. Did you start Christmas shopping yet?

My answers..
1.  Do you eat Sushi?  YES!  I love Sushi ...I don't really like the eel  or the fish egg thing but any type of fish and veggie is delicious to me.

2.  What kind of bath soap do you use?  I am addicted to soap and bath products.  My favorite is by the Greenstone Soap Company.  I usually by several bars when I get by there once a year and then order online too.  The Ancient Evening and the Lavender is my favorite.  All natural.  Check them out.  Great Company I've been using their soap for years.  Love it!  It hits my favorites list soon.
3.  How often do you talk to your Mom?  Every couple of weeks.  She is getting older and it is difficult to hold a long conversation with her these days.  I think a move is coming soon.

I don't talk on the phone that much.  I guess that is strange for a woman, but really don't enjoy it.
4.  What TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?  Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire, The Real Housewives (Atlanta... I love NeNe...what a character! she is a hoot!) So You Think You Can Dance.
5.  Did you start Christmas shopping yet?  No, not really I'm going to shoot for after thing at a time.  I wish everyone would just give me a list of things they might like to have.  So much easier that way.  I say every year I am going gift cards, then never do seems so impersonal to me.

Sorry I've been out of pocket lately.  We took a little get away trip together.  We thought maybe it would help to heal our grief stricken hearts and it was very nice, the mountains were beautiful, weather was great and we had fun galore.  Nothing can really keep you from grieving though.  We all miss her and are trying our best to keep going and be good troopers.  Some days though you just feel disconnected from life.  That is the best way I know to explain it. 

Thank you to all of you who have written me and are keeping my family in your prayers. 

Remember to tell someone you love them, hug them way too tight today!

Carol-the gardener


  1. I have just a bit of Christmas started, but I am hoping for a good chunk finished by the day after Thanksgiving. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back.

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. Have a beautiful week. ((HUGS))

  4. I'm with you on the phone thing. I really dislike talking on the phone. I would much rather a face to ace chat or emails.
    Have a great week!

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