Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Making  plans for the Thanksgiving menu...

Turkey...getting tomorrow

Do you brine?  I never did until two years ago and now we are all sold.  Ever since that turkey we have HAD to brine the turkey.


No, I stuff mine with lemons, herbs, onions etc...but we make dressing here in the south and that requires yet another pan.  Lots of cornbread, veggies, sometimes sausage, lots of good broth and eggs.  YUM!

Cranberry sauce?

you bet!  Fresh cranberries cooked till they pop and sweetened with sugar, just a dash of orange juice and zest.


Yes, goat cheese log rolled in pumpkin seeds with salami and pickled okra, nuts, dried fruit etc..


I guess I am the only person in America that doesn't like Green bean casserole.  I like my green beans fresh and crunchy.
Sweet  potato casserole is OK on the other hand.  Peas for sure.  Probably zipper peas, my darling daughters favorite...good thing I put some in the freezer this summer.  Broccoli and cauliflower salad.  Mac and cheese.


Sweet tea of course!  This year a little zing with spiced tea and orange. 

Before Dinner Drinks?

Still deciding...prosecco I think.

After Dinner Drinks?

Pumpkins spiced coffee with hazelnut creamer.


Apple pie, my kids always look for this.  Carrot cake, I'll make this a couple days ahead.


No, I'll be in the kitchen next week.  :)

What are your traditions?

I heard a good quote today..."The food is not important, it is the people around the table and the love they share."

I liked that.

Be good to one another.  Times like this you remember.  Make it a little special for those you love.

Carol-the gardener


  1. Traditional Italian feast in our house. Or there will be once I actually buy the feast to start cooking! LOL Visiting from Follow Friday.

    My Follow Friday

  2. I dislike green bean casserole also. I like my crispy and crunchy! We would get along just fine on Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi sweet friend! Your menu sounds delish! I've never brined my turkey but my neighbor did for our Thanksgiving With Friends and it was so good. I'm doing Java's Friday 40 and Over too.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. I'm following you! Love the photos. They are gorgeous. :-)