Friday, June 11, 2010

The Visit

Dylan Christopher is my oldest Grandchild. The last time I saw him was almost three years ago. That is way too long not to see your Grandson. His parents are in the military and have just gotten a little closer to us and school is on break.

Two days ago I received the good news that he is old enough now to fly down South for a visit. Yippee!!! One excited MeMe here. I finally get to put my hands on this child.

Sure, there are many calls, e mails, packages and now the possibility of SKPE shared between us. This is not the same as touching them, tucking them in at night, reading to them. Looking deep in their eyes as they tell you a story to make them feel they are the only person on this earth you are listening to.

I've started to wonder what will we do?? He will be 13 this December 7th. A notable day for a birthday, hopefully his destiny will be impressive. How do you entertain a teenager these days. All the recent video games and equipment came to mind, no, to shallow I decide. I had hoped for trips to the beach. Maybe he would learn to love the beach like his MeMe. Looks as if the oil is going to ruin that idea. I plan to find some of the old classic movies to watch together. Hey, think I'll look for Gilligan's Island DVD too. What other memorable way can I fill the days? Pop Pop might come up with a fishing trip or maybe a project built in the Shop. hmmmm... I know he would love to go tubing down the Coldwater Creek while he is here, now that is a fun time.

Then I remembered what I most loved about spending time with my Grandparents. I loved doing anything they did. I helped my Memommie put up pickles, or make pear preserves, or shell peas and beans. It was just fun being with them. We hung clothes out on the clothesline, planted flowers or picked blackberries.

I can smell her house to this day if I really try. Every morning when I woke, she was up and had coffee going in the kitchen. Breakfast was of my choice. The rest of the day I followed along. I was happy. I was loved and I knew it. I had just the two of them to myself. No one to compete with me over conversation or affection.

Maybe that is all Dylan will really want is to spend time together. He does love to cook. He told me their are things he wants me to teach him in the kitchen and so I shall. Their are things I want to teach him about life...and so...I shall. Their are things he will teach me about life...their always are.

I can't wait for the journey to begin. I have to remind myself I can no longer hold him and rock him the way I always have. I keep repeating to myself, "he is too big Carol." "he is almost 13 Carol". Well, maybe I'll let him decide if he is too old for holding and rocking. However, I'm tucking that lil bugger in at night and that I can promise you. Just like a good MeMe should. I've been given a good example of what I should be and do with my Grandchildren and I thank her and God for that. Can I live up to it? Will I do as good of a job? I'm going to give it all I have. I want him to leave after three weeks and have sweet memories in his heart. He's gonna need them.

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