Sunday, June 20, 2010

He lived, He laughed and He loved.

It's been 28 years and I miss him more today than I did a year ago. Today is Father's Day and I can't seem to quit thinking of him. No need to say I was a Daddy's girl. I think...I'm sure it shows.

I was the third girl born to my parents. I was also born on the Saturday before Father's Day Sunday. Keep in mind this was before the days of ultrasound. I know he wanted a son, and there I was one more girl.

Daddy never treated me like a dainty flower though. I went wherever he went, to the bank, the tire shop, to pick up a lawn mower it just didn't matter. What did matter is...we were buddies. He did expect me to act like a lady and dress appropriately but always told me I could be anything and do anything a man could do and maybe better. He taught me how important common sense was and how everyone isn't born with it. You would have never known I wasn't the son he so wanted.

My Dad liked to remain anonymous. He would buy 10 or more watermelons in the heat of the summer and deliver them under the cover of night to porches of widow women in the community. He would buy Easter baskets for a family that couldn't afford for the Easter bunny to visit with loads of candy for their children. He was kind. He was thoughtful. Maybe they never knew, maybe they did, I'll never know. Some things in life a better a mystery.

He was born in February and in November of the same year his Mother passed away suddenly. He never knew here. How fitting he would be surrounded by my Mother and three daughters the rest of his life. Dad always had a special affection for women who were widowed, perhaps he understood what it was like to be left alone. He would take my Grandmother to visit my Great Aunts who lived on top of a hill in Alabama on his days off. He wasn't selfish. He would take care of them the best he could run errands and repair what he could. He didn't have an easy life, no Mother to teach him understanding and the more emotional side of life. You would have never known.

Dad loved adventure. Sometimes over breakfast he would announce to us all, "we are in a rut." Followed by, "where do each of you want to go?" A trip was planned before the jam was passed and we were off to a new adventure. The summer he passed away he had just taken a vacation. He visited both of my sisters who lived in other states. He couldn't wait to come home and pick up me and my children. I had made a Blueberry Pie for him. We ate and laughed together, how would I ever know that would be the last time I would hear his laugh? Share a meal with him? That day, I believe was the hardest day of my life. I can remember praying so hard he would take one more breath and open his eyes. Life is often unfair. I needed him, I still need him.

My Father loved music. At random times he would break out in any given silly song. I think of that so often and even sing some of them to my Grandchildren. He used to tell us when he was little people in town would tell him to sing a song for a nickle and he would. Sing and dance no doubt. He loved life. He loved a good meal and he loved to Barbecue. He got a bit carried away with things to prepare and went ...ah..lets say..overboard. Whatever he had he loved to share. The more the merrier.

Dad signed his High school year book.. Live,laugh and love for tomorrow you may die. I guess he knew at a very early age what was important. I might have not had him as a Father but for twenty two years but what an impression he made on me and my life and who I am today.

So, Happy Father's Day Daddy. I miss you everyday and I love you.


  1. Your Daddy sounds like he was a wonderful, wonderful man. This little tribute to him is some amazing writing Carol, I was captivated to the very end. My Daddy has been gone since I was 21 almost 20 years now, and as the time goes by, we natually forget and heal, it's been a long time since this Daddy's Girl shed a tear, but this pulled it right out of me. Happy Father's Day to them both.

  2. Really lovely entry...and, of course, I'm not biased.