Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Garden

I've been taking pictures lately of the different blooms in my garden. As each one opens, I am excited and run out with camera in hand to see if I can possibly capture the beauty. The picture count gets higher and higher. I enjoy posting the pictures and sharing them with family and friends that live away and don't get to visit.

Yesterday, I was thinking of different homes I remember from my childhood and the flowers that stood out in the yards of those homes. My Grandmother had a lovely blush pink "old timey" rose, as we say in the south, that really put on a show when it bloomed. I can't think of her yard without thinking of the huge Blue Mop head hydrangeas that graced each side of the steps to the front porch. Their were Camellias, Gardenias, and of course Daylillies too. My Grandfather even planted some Olive trees. My Dad had a beautiful English dogwood tree. Each spring he would cut the bloomed branches and make a bouquet from them and the Red and White Amaryllis he grew. He would take the bouquet to Church on Sunday and place it in a prominent place so that all the members could enjoy it. Kinda strange for a Southern man to do...but a memory I love. A softer side of my Daddy.

I had a great Aunt, who I swear, could grow anything. She would take cuttings from other people's plants and soon hers would be much bigger and prettier too. People nearby would save seeds from family plants and give them to her ...hoping she could revive the chain. She caught rain in huge blue barrels before recycling or water conservation was cool. She watered every evening as she explained to me was the best time of the day. Her porch cluttered with pots of clippings, seedlings, beautiful full ferns and blooms. She never had children, but she had her plants. She babied those plants!

I wonder...if children pass by my little garden and notice. I try to plant with my Grandchildren because I know the planting of the seed, or flower is really much deeper. It is hope. It is love of the land. It is the nurturing that goes with it. It is a gift from God. It is part of who I am.

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  1. What a lovely entry. I didn't know all those details about our family and it made me smile. I feel blessed that you are sentimental, like me, and cherish our family history. I love you!