Sunday, June 13, 2010

photo uploads

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures of plants blomming now in our garden.


The Red Hibiscus have just starting blooming along with most of the butterfly bushes. Hopefully that will bring the hummingbirds. I saw a few scouts but not the ones that usually stay and nest here.

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  1. I loved the pictures Carol, the lace hydrangeas, the amaryllis, the hibiscus, and the echinea.
    Captain John's prize possession in the garden?
    A staghorn fern. I personally don't care for it, rare, but so manly..Funny seems you and I are not the only one's with things in common.
    The Coast Guard, and city councils, are monitoring the sharks, and a few have washed up, which means they are dying from the dispersant, no oxygen in the water. I wonder if they will bite if they are dying. John says they saw a whale about 35 miles out, almost dead, sort of just rolling around in the water. Sad, uhhh how did this happen.