Thursday, June 10, 2010

Through the Distance

They say in are blessed if you have a few close friends. I am blessed. I have several good freinds I enjoy spending time with and would do anything for. But then their is this one person, for reasons unknown, you feel a special connection. I have one friend who is a blessing to me every time I see her. I wondered why our relationship has remained so close. We have been through everything together. Marriages, divorces, the birth of our Grandchildren, moving,buying new homes, retiring...need I go on? So we have a long history. She is my rock. She is the one I want to talk with when I know my husbands ears are tired. Some things man ears don't understand anyway, it's true you know. She always listens, but she will tell me what she thinks. She's not one of those make nicey, nicey friends. She is the friend that will tell you the pure truth, and noth'in but the truth so help her God.

I can count on her. She has seen me at my worst and at my best and everywhere in between. I could probably buy her clothes because I know her style and what she likes and I bet I get the sizes right too. She could probably order my dinner from any restaurant and get it right, because she knows what I like. She pays attention to small things because she cares. I wonder if she knows or realizes how much I listen and I care. I hope she does.

How many conversations do you think we've had? How many tears have we cried? How many belly laughs have we shared? We give each other fashion tips, dos and don'ts. We consult with each other of moral issues of right and wrong. We give one another a massage when we need it. Hairstyles...that's just another story their. Maybe I'll write about that one day! Really!

We've been friends for eighteen years now I guess now. I think of her like a sister. I am relaxed around her and just can be myself. She might "oh geeze,You didn't," accompanied with the head roll, but she tolerates me. For the most part. Again, because she loves me. I hope I've taken the chances to tell her ...or have I? I'm thinking it is hard to tell someone that they make your life...More.

Some people make your life sweeter, better, lighter, she does all that for me. I hope our friendship is like one of those old Live Oak trees found in the South. Deep rooted and always alive, living, strong and green. Thy can handle any hurricane come there way. The age gracefully too, this is so important to us. We will let all the trash we've been through just hang off of our branches, much like the moss. We can still dance with the wind girl! The trash and troubles will look like fringe from a distance. It is about looking good, I'd be lying if I said it isn't a little about looking good.

It is also about knowing someone is there with you and always will be there due to mutual choice. We've made a choice to be together as best friends for the duration. No matter what. If you have a friend like that what more could you want?

It was time for her to leave today and I had planted one of her favorite vines in a pot for her. It had come up and it was ready to move to its new home. I remembered she lost one of her vines she so loved from the bitter winter we had here. This new vine can take its place in her garden. It isn't that way with best friends though, no one could ever take her place. She has earned her permanent spot with eighteen years of being there, caring, and loving me. It was all good including the "oh yeah", and the head plus eye rolling. I don't want to change her. I just want to keep her and All that she is. All that fabulousness she brings with her everywhere. I can count us lucky to be best friends before the storm, during the storm and after the storm. We will make it through the distance.

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