Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here's to You Robin!

Week after week, my dear friend Robin@Yourdailydose takes her time to choose the perfect song or video to let each of us know that our blogs and lives are important to her. This week she was feeling really not up to taking the time for all of us. She said don't look for a Here's To You Thursday posting.

I'd like to post this one for you Robin...and tell you how awesome you are for taking the time each week for those of us who you call friends. You listen, you care and that is being a friend..

You Rock!

Carol-the gardener

P.S.  If you are a friend of Robin's take the time to send her a "little love".  Shoes had a wonderful idea....everyone send her a video, song, picture something to lift her spirit and let her know how much we all appreciate her each week.


  1. This is so wonderful!!! I miss Robin, too ....

  2. YES!!! What a wonderful idea!!! Maybe each of us should find a song to post for Robin!!!

    You are always so RIGHT on, Carol!!!



  3. YES!!!! Everyone send Robin a tune or a video! She would so love it and when you hurt it helps so much to know you make a difference to someone. Like I always say....If you love someone....LET THEM KNOW!

    Thank you Shoes!


  4. Wow. What an outpouring of love. It's like a waterfall. A love blessing. How amazing is that??? Thanks so much. Sorry it took me so long to get it together enough to even "find" it. You are just THE BEST.