Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goodbye... Friday Night Lights...and Tim!

Some things in life just don't add up. Take me and Friday Night Lights for instance. It must be true that opposites attract. Number one ...I don't like Football, never have. Number two....I was not a Cheerleader, never wanted to be one either. Three...I've never lived in Texas. So....all that being said why would I love the show Friday Night Lights?

I always wanted to watch this show on Friday night. However, it came on here on Wednesday night. Seemed crazy to me.  That was a huge problem, never could remember that one.  What saved me was... t Direct TV had another showing on the 101 on Friday night. Someone out there must be as loopy as me.

OK, maybe I loved it because it takes place in the South right? I do love several of the characters. I did date a football player and the games were exciting.... I guess. I had to ask the score when the game ended....I was too busy talking with my girlfriends. Who knows? I just know it made no logical sense at all...but I feel in love with FNL.

I got hooked on this show several years ago and this week was the Finale. I think it ran for five seasons. I hate to see shows that I fall in love with come to an end. I lost Joan, then Ally, then Tony and Carmella. Heck, I even hated to see J.R. go. I only survived losing Sex in the City because they were going to make movies and their was a hope that Carrie would one day marry Big and I could see Charlotte again.

Now I have to come to terms with no more Tim Riggins???

 Say it ain't so!!! That is going to be difficult for me people!! Tim Riggins is ....well, my gracious still my heart. Then, there is the Coach. Coach Eric Taylor and those brown eyes peering underneath the brim of his hat. He is such a good man, few words, but insightful and caring. He made the ultimate sacrifice for Tammy...she got the promotion of her dreams. She is to be Dean of Admissions at a real Philly. So the best Coach in Texas, who just secured the third State Championship for Dillon, packs up to move on....afterall things have changed. Julie is engaged to Matt and is now living in Chicago. Due to budget cuts, the School Board has made the decision to merge East Dillon and West Dillon into one Super team and Eric can't go back. He can no longer be a Panther again. A Coach can only take so much

Now I will have to wonder ....who does Tim settle down with? Are the twins boys or girls or one of each? Luke apparently will he make it back home to Dillon safely? Where in the H is Landry? What about Lyla? Will Tammy really be able to live without her cowboy boots or just be a fashionista in Philly? Set a trend maybe? Will Coach really be happy away from Texas and the "boosters"? What in the world will Buddy do without Eric Taylor? Good thing he owns a bar, I think he's gonna need it. Will Vince make it without Coach Taylor's intuitive nurturing? Will Vince's Dad stay out of his way and allow him to make his own decisions and not drag him down?

Did any of you watch? Were you sad it ended? I hope they do a movie in a few years. I'd like to see these characters again. Maybe it would go a little something like this.....I'd have Riggins be the New Coach of the Panthers. Billy would help him of course as an assistant Coach. Mindy and Luke would get married and take over his Parents farm. Matt becomes a well known artist and he and Julie move to New York with a second home (ranch) outside of Dallas. Eric gets an offer from the Cowboys and Tammy misses Texas... so they move back home with Gracie Bell. Landry is now a Surgeon living in Dallas along with Tyra who is an attorney with political abmbitions. Buddy is of course the Mayor of Dillon and working on a new Football/Sports park for the town. Vince's Mom is now the Counselor at Dillon and doing great, she marries the Principal form East Dillon.

Ahh....I could imagine so many endings. As my dear Memom used to say ....All good things must come to an end. I'm gonna miss you Friday Night Lights. I'm really going to miss you Tim Riggins! Good thing it will be on NetFlix.

This pretty much sums up why I feel the way I do about this television made you think about who you are or want to be.

Remember be kind to each other....

Carol-the gardener

  Clear Eyes, Full Hearts....Can't Lose!!!


  1. I GOT SO HOOKED on that show... I've read an article about the main cast.. the love they have between each other... I love each character.. The daughter's bf, I have seen go on to others as well as the boy who worked at the bbq place... They taught morals, unbelievably well done. Wish they didn't end the show!

  2. Have u watched Parenthood? Its a close second to Friday Night Lights.. Its hearfelt, that show has started to grow on me..Michael Brandon is on that show- he plays a great character.

  3. I never watched it. It so hard when a show you like ends. Like Kalei I love Parenthood!