Friday, December 17, 2010

My little tinsel tree

I wanted to share with you all the background and the story of this little Tinsel Tree.  This tree was my my Memommie's tree.  I can remember when I was a little girl this tree was in their living room.  I guess it was the latest and greatest kind of a tree.  The tree is sliver tinsel of course, and it fits into a base that is electric and spins around.  It didn't have lights on it.  It did have a light that had four colors divided on a wheel that rotated and projected onto the silver tree the vivid colors.  The best I can remember it was red, blue, green and gold.   As the color wheel would spin the little silver tree would change colors and we thought it magical.  I believe the brand is a Shiny Brite.

My Memom put large glass blue ornaments all around the tree for years.  As the years went by the ornaments began to break or the color began to chip whatever.  She asked my Grand Daddy to go and get some more to make up for the ones she had lost so she could get the tree ready...Christmas was coming.  My Grand Daddy was glad to do so, my Memommie never drove a car, so he did all the running about.  When he returned from the store, he had ornaments, but they weren't blue, they were green.   My Grand Daddy was color blind.  My Memom never said a word but just placed them about as if it were meant to be.  In my mind this tree was large maybe six feet or so and I loved the way the tinsel sparkled. 

A few years ago, she gave the tree to me.  The base no longer turns, we can't find the light projector.  Each year I gently take the tinsel branches out of their sleeves and place them into the holes drilled into a worn wood center.  Each year more of the tinsel falls off even though I'm as gentle as can be.  In reality the tree is only about 4 feet or so tall.  I hang bright neon colored ornaments on it now.  If I ever find a light projector...I'm buying it.

It isn't the little tree, or the silver stiff tinsel.  It is the memories that are unpacked and put on display every year.  It's the sounds, smells and the love that comes with it.  Good things sometimes come in small packages.

Sing a Christmas song today, hug someone you love.  Smile and say, "Merry Christmas" to a stranger.

Carol-the gardener


  1. I love your photos and was recently given a blog award, which I'm passing on to you. The meme has you tell 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to three others (feel free to ignore those bits if you like).

    This was my way to share with you that I enjoy your blog.

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  2. My Mom had a white 'flocked' tree... it was only about 4 feet tall... surely someone somewhere in my family has a photo of this tree... I LONG for one!!! I would set it up just like my Mom did...

    Merry Christmas, Ms Carol!!!!

    ~Jingle Shoes~

  3. My grandparents had the exact same tree and the exact same colored light that shown on the tree. I have so many wonderful memories of laying under that tree and looking at the colors and all of the presents under there. Thank you for sharing your memories with us and reminding me of my Mamaw. Your tree is beautiful!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. I totally dig it. Every family has their special ornaments they put out. This one seems extra special to you.

  5. Carol, I don't know how I missed this post! I'm so glad to be a kindred spirit with you.....and glad we both love our little silver trees! Happy Christmas to you and yours! Love, Kate