Friday, December 31, 2010

Gifts from Heaven

About five years ago..I took my Aunt a Christmas cactus as a gift.  It was in full bloom and lovely.  She lived in an apartment and had done away with the traditional large Christmas tree.  I thought the plant would bring a little color to her Christmas.  She was very good with plants.  Over the years the plant thrived in the window of her living room.  It was bright green and put on so much new growth.  Each year she would look for the signs of blooms.  They never came.  So for five years this plant grew like crazy but wouldn't bloom.  She tried everything, she consulted friends, she looked online for tips, she repotted she fertilized....still no blooms. 

She asked me several times to bring the plant to my home, thinking maybe I could do something and get the plant to bloom again.  I never brought the plant home until after she passed away in October.

I moved the plant being as careful as I could. No matter how careful you are...pieces get broken easily. I brought it inside when the weather began to get cool here in Florida. 

A few weeks ago I began to see signs of buds.  I couldn't believe it.  I thought it would be great if this bloomed in time for Christmas.  The first bloom opened on Christmas Eve.  More blooms on Christmas Day.

I feel it was her way of telling me Merry Christmas all the way from heaven.

It was one of my favorite gifts.

Carol-the gardener


  1. What a beautiful story, and beautiful plant. May you and your family have a wonderful New Year. Blessings, Mary O

  2. Definitely a gift straight from heaven!