Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Award? Lil ole me?? Thanks Robin

My friend, Robin, gave me this award several days ago.  I still can't believe that anyone actually reads what I have to say.  I have to admit I have found friends through this blogging adventure I never thought I would find.  I started this whole thing just as a way of journaling what I was thinking about.  Sometimes I write from my heart, sometimes it is pictures, sometimes it is music that really moves me.  I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to or would have.  I have suffered a great loss in my life.  My dear Aunt, who was like My Mother, passed away suddenly and I have just been trying to process this loss.  Many of you have been there to encourage me and that means everything.  You log on...and here are people, who have never met you, who care.  Awesome!  I hate that word...but it just came out.

Robin, is one of those very special people.  She writes from her heart.  She remembers what you are going through, what you've written about and if she has tips or advice she will give it to you.  One of the things she does is this amazing Thursday thing...Here's to You ....she actually dedicates video, music, whatever to a  person, it always amazes me to see what she has connected with you.  It is amazing.  I look forward to Thursday just to see what she has come up with.  I have found many of you through her blog.  Then ...she turns around and picks me?? Lil ole me??? for an award??? Jeez Robin you kill me. 

Robin said I am to write seven things about myself.  First, I think anyone that reads my blog knows that I love music and the beach.  For some reason music lyrics just get stuck in my head and heart.  Music is very healing to me.  I also paint.  I paint in oils on canvas.  So I guess you could say I am somewhat creative.  Some times I just find silly things funny, I think I have a weird since of humor, I don't know.  I just like to laugh at anything I think is funny.  I love to cook too.  Not everyday but when I feel like cooking I really enjoy it, I like the creative part of it.  I love plants and flowers, I feel close to God in the garden and at the beach.

 I am having the most fun building relationships with my the south we say Granchillin.  They are such a blessing from God.  I already told you when I write, I just write from my heart, I am not a writer.  It is shocking that people enjoy reading it.  I wrote a poem a few months ago and the compliments I received were so shocking, good compliments, that made me very happy.  I like things/topics that make you really stop and think.  You can learn so much about yourself and others. I tend to lean toward reading these kinds of blogs.  I would recommend blogging for anyone that has the time.  Good people, for the most part, you can learn, find like minded people wherever and share and become online friends.  Once in a while you find someone who really GETS you....that's just magic.
So, I understand now I am to choose seven (7) people that I read and pass it along.  So, here goes.

First, since Robin gave it to me I can't give it to her right?  Next, the next person would be Shoes but he gave it to Robin...I'm just happy they both have

I'd like to pass this on to....
Sherri, she just gives you whatever she is thinking, feeling and I really can relate to that.

Kate, she is southern like me so I understand her.  I always read her posts, even though I might not always comment.  Keep it up Kate, loved the Christmas decorations.

Kat, she is so encouraging!  She is always wanting to be a blessing to someone else.  That's cool.

Maggie, she is an awesome writer.  She just had a new baby girl.  I have been following her for months.  I think I found her through Google reader and thought she was just cool.

Chrissy, she introduced me to Tuesday Tunes....enough said....the title of her blog is great too.

Nicole, she is southern too so I get her too.  I like her style. I'm not going to share her name because I was noticing she doesn't sign her post with her name.  She is Kalei's best friend, you will have to read to find out who Kalei's best friends is.  She posts some awesome photos and I like her taste in music too.  She seems to be a very peaceful person.  I admire that.

Ok, that's my pick.  I'm not sure if you all have received this award before, if you have just know that I thought of you and your writing and sharing.  Please choose 7 people to pass it on to, say something nice about them or their blog.

Thanks again Robin for thinking of me.  For being a true friend when I so needed one.  Understanding.

If you love someone, let them know.  Hug them, be kind, write notes, sing songs to them....they will remember that forever.

Carol-the gardener.....OUT!!!


  1. Carol, you are so thoughtful. Thank you so much for the beautiful "shout out."

    I hope all is well on the panhandle - and like you said, I may not always comment - but I do read your blog! :-)

  2. Thank u, carol!. Of course people read u. BTW, I do brand my name on my photos(every now and then).. My name is Chris.....I appreciate this award and surprised I fall under this category of 'stylish'... Many thanks.

  3. Wow! What a nice Christmas surprise! Thank you so much Carol.


  4. "If you love someone, let them know. Hug them, be kind, write notes, sing songs to them....they will remember that forever."

    By all means, do this! We never know when there will be time spent with another, and we will never see them again. We should never rue things unsaid... maybe we can say, "I wish I had told him/her more..." But it's important to express ourselves.

    Ms Carol, I think you have one of the nicest, most honest blogs I've read... and you DO write from your heart. I think that's the main reason I read you!

    I will visit the blogs of those people you mention... they have to be good!!!

    I trust all is well with you!


  5. I do believe that people like to read that which comes from the heart. You write from your heart. Thanks for sharing seven things about you and giving seven people the opportunity to do the same. Thanks, too, for the lovely things directed at me. You are very dear to me. The Dixie Chicks song MORE LOVE is playing on your music player right now. Seems fitting. Love you Carol!!! xoxoxo.

  6. Hi Carol
    Thanks for the award!
    Please allow me to apologize for not writing sooner...I recently changed internet providers and got a new email. I didn't change it on blogger, so I've been getting comments,but not getting notified.
    So, please don't think me ungrateful. Thanks for your visit and the award. I'm like you, I can't believe that people actually read what I write, thanks for doing that.
    Love the music you have here.
    Sending you happy thoughts