Friday, April 1, 2011

Ladybugs and cherry blossoms

Spring has sprung here in Florida.  Everything has blooms and new leaves.  Unfortunately with those new leaves comes aphids, and I have lots of those.  Luckily I also have lots and lots of Ladybugs hard at work.  Hopefully I won't have to spray or use any other kind of means to control the aphids.  The Ladybugs seem to be winning the battle so far.  I think I'll give mother nature a chance.

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Remember to be kind to one another.  Hug someone you love too tight this weekend.  Tell them you love them.  Have a great weekend.  Go plant something!


  1. You all have spring in Florida? And I was happy that it was above 50 today.

    I thought having ladybugs was actually a good thing?

  2. having ladybugs is a great thing! they are eating all the bad things,..maybe I didn't make that clear enough.

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